Business Services & Outsourcing

Business services outsourcing can be a useful strategy for companies looking to improve efficiency and productivity while reducing costs and risks.

It allows businesses to focus on their core business activities while delegating support functions to a third-party provider, who may be better equipped to handle those functions more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Creago provides businesses with a range of accounting, payroll and compliance services to support their growth and changing requirements.


Business Book keeping

Book keeping is the most basic and most vital element of any business. By having a robust and up to date accounts, it is very easy for stakeholders to review and take important business decisions - may it be raising capital, acquisition, divestiture or restructuring.
Creago provies a high quality, flexible approach, tailored to your accounting needs. We will provide you with a complete outsourced service managed by a single dedicated team.
Our SaaS based accounting platform provides consistency of reporting and visibility and control through technology, providing real time information whenever you need it.

Integrated Payroll Management

Creago provides Outsourced payroll services aligned to your business goals, size of your business and location.
At Creago we provide end to end patroll management services:

  • Salary computaion for each employee based on the sturcture provided.
  • Processing of Pay slip.
  • Collating Tax declerations from the employees and handling Income tax deduction compliance based on the declarations.
  • Verification of Investment proofs provided at the end of the reporting period and issuing Form 16 as per Income Tax Laws.
  • Management of leave balance Ledger.
Company Secretarial

Faced with rapidly changing legislation and regulatory requirements, every business needs to ensure it is in good corporate order, ensuring full compliance through the use of knowledge and expertise.
Many companies do not have a dedicated company secretary and need professional guidance and support to cope with ever-changing rules, regulations and best practice.
Whether you are setting up your business entities or reviewing your approach to regulatory compliance, partnering with Creago can deliver peace of mind and visibility and assist companies in becoming good corporate citizens.

One time Compliance to start the Annual Process
  • Obtaining stationery Minutes binders
  • Preparing and printing Share certificates
  • Return of allotment of initial shares
  • Preparing all Statutory Registers and Records in E Form
  • Preparation of Master Template for Equity Share Certificate
  • Appointment of First Auditor.
Monthly / Quarterly Compliances (After Every 30 / 90 Days)
  • Preparation of Board Resolutions as and when required.
  • Drafting the notice of Board Meeting.
  • Preparing minutes thereof.
  • Preparation of attendance sheets of the board meetings.
  • Holding the Board Meeting.
  • Preparation and filing of Forms and supporting for Change in Directors (appointment, cessation of additional or regular directors).
  • Change in Shareholders (Transfer / Transmission).
  • Change in registered office, name of the company, object clause, authorised capital.
  • Activities requiring Central Government’s approval / Tribunal.
  • Assisting in various compliances on routine basis including routine event based compliances under Companies Act.
Annual Compliances
  • Preparing the directors’ disclosures of interest in other concerns.
  • Preparing the declarations from the directors.
  • Drafting of Board’s report.
  • Drafting of Annual return.
  • Drafting the notice, minutes and the attendance sheet for the pre and post AGM board meeting.
  • Drafting of Director Report, Annual return and financials.
  • Auditor’s re-appointment Document.
  • Preparation of Fresh Appointment letters to Auditors if any.
  • Preparation of Annual General Meeting Minutes and related documents.
  • Filing of balance sheet; P&L and Auditors appointment, with the RoC.
  • Filling of AOC 4 , ADT 1 , MGT 7 with their respective attachments.
  • Obtaining the financials from Auditor.
  • Preparing ALL Statutory Registers and Records in E Form like Register of Directors, Register of Directors Shareholdings, Register of Charges, Register of Equity Shareholders, etc
  • Company Law consultancy on routine procedural matters.
  • Devising system for proper compliance of Company Law Procedures and continuous monitoring of the system.
Statutory Financial Reporting

Submission of Financial statements is mandated by regulators regulating the industry in which the business operates in. These statements provide information on the income, expenses, balance sheets, budgets, and are reviewed by a statutory auditor. The preparation and requirements of these statements vary across jurisdictions and industries.

Creago has a team dedicated to help businesses create financial statements that adhere to the rules/principles laid down under IND AS and Indian GAAP.

These statements include:

  • Income Statement: Includes revenue from operations, business expenses, profit or loss, income tax and earnings per share.
  • Balance Sheet: Includes details of your company’s assets, liabilities and shareholder equity.
  • Notes to accounts: Accounting policies as well as the assumptions and methods of calculating key figures in the financial statements.
  • Statutory Auditor's Report: An audit verification document by a statutory auditor.